Welcome to ROUSE

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Welcome to ROUSE

ROUSE is a professional trade agency and a wholesale company specialized in crowdfunding. We started this business from 2019 and we finished more than 50 campaigns with both domestic and foreign companies which want to open a crowdfunding campaign in Korea.

Entering a new market is not an easy task for the most companies. It could cost too much finance, labour, and time without giving any satisfying results. With ROUSE, you can easily enter Korean market with no up-front-fee and no wasting of time.

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We provide most of the services you need to launch a campaign in Korea from making a campaign page to delivery. Our business is helping you promote yours in Korea and we are here to ensure your successful Korea crowdfunding business.

Campaign page building

Our professional story-makers make the campaign page not just translate the original page but make a new page to make it attractive to Korean customers.

Filming Promotional materials

If additional filming is required for the storyline in product photography or video, the director who is familiar with crowdfundung will make the best film for the campaign.

Entering Korean Main Market

If both of us are satisfied with the result, we will actively enter the main market in Korea.


ROUSE covers both international and domestic shipping. Just send us the products after a campaign is finished. Then, ROUSE will take care of tariff, tax, and domestic delivery.


We answer questions and requests from the customers and companies during and after the campaign. We deliver translated messages and feedback to you.


ROUSE has successfully launched campaigns on various crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter, Indiegogo,Makuake, and ZecZec. We finished more than 50 campaigns on the biggest crowdfunding platform in Korea. Our various references are our pride and your trust.

Global Crowdfunding Service

We can also provide you enter other global crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo, Makuake, and ZecZec.


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Three Key features

Here are our three key features different from other similar companies.

Zero Fee

No upfront fee

  • NO Design fee
  • NO Page building fee
  • No Marketing fee
  • No Crowdfunding platform fee
  • No Support fee
Quick Launch

2Weeks for launching

  • week1 Discuss about wholesale price
  • week2 Sample check & page review
  • week3-4 Pre-launch
  • Start Main launch!
No Effort

ROUSE does all

  • we build the campaign
  • we get approval from Platform
  • we run the campaign
  • we deliver the product
  • we are in charge of post-support services


Please don't hesitate to contact us. We will kindly let you know more about our service. If the mail server is not reponding, please kindly send us email to jin@rouseagain.com